Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy and Data Protection Policy

ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY, S.L. (from hereon, ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY), in conformity with  Regulation (EU) 2016/679, 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and other legislation in force in the area, informs Users of the Website (from hereon, the Website), of the Privacy and Data Protection Policy that will apply to the treatment of personal data the User facilitates voluntarily to access its Website or the corresponding mobile application.

The User, by providing ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY with his or her data of a personal nature via the electronic forms on the Website and, where relevant, via the marking of the corresponding acceptance box, expressly consents that ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY can treat these data in the terms of this section on the Privacy and Data Protection Policy and for the ends expressed here.

ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY informs Users of the Website that their personal data can only be obtained for processing when appropriate, pertinent and not excessive in relation to the relevant area and determined ends, explicit and legitimate, for which it was obtained. The data will be cancelled when no longer necessary or pertinent for such ends or when the owner requests as much in the exercise of his or her right to cancellation, always when it is not subject to fulfilment of the legal periods for which it must be conserved.

ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY states its commitment to complying with the legislation in force at each moment in the area of data protection.

The personal data facilitated will be treated by ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY and used in accordance with the following information.

Which personal data do we collect via the Website?

We may collect or receive data through your visit to the Website or derived from your interaction with us, through the filling of forms and questionnaires located in the different sections of the Website, with the aim of receiving your information requests and registration and to process your curricula, etc.

In some cases, personal data is facilitated directly by the User when subscribing to our Newsletter or news bulletin, when they contact us through the usual channels, reply to surveys, subscribe to our profiles in the social networks or interact with us through such profiles via comments, opinions or sharing content published in each profile. Likewise, to participate in ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY job offers.

In other cases, personal data is obtained indirectly from the User with the mere statistical aim of being able to analyze the use made of our Website through the use of cookies or facilitating added value services such as the location map for our offices (consult our Cookies Policy).

In the table below, you will find more detailed information about the treatment of your personal data, including the following epigraphs:

  • Main aims: identifying why we need to gather your data, i.e., why we process your information.
  • Legitimacy: detailing the reason you allow us to be able to process your data.
  • Storage periods: identifying the specific time limits for storing your data and the criteria that determine that period.
  • Recipients: Identifying, where relevant, with whom we share your data legitimately and why.
  • Rights of the interested parties: informing you about the rights affecting you as an interested party in the processing of your personal data.

Information about personal data protection (in conformity with EU Regulation 2016/679 on Data Protection) Additional Information Responsible body

  • Social denomination: ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY, S.L.
  • Tax ID: B88437918
  • Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 91 4º – 1
    28046 MADRID
  • Contact information:
  • Email:

Main aims

  • Administration and management of the Users of the Website.
  • Information to Investors and Shareholders. Management, where necessary, of the Shareholders’ Forum.
  • Management of subscriptions to news and news bulletins.
  • Attending the information request received through the means made available to the Users.
  • Interaction with customers through ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY APPS and interaction with us in the pages of our social network profiles as identified in the Website.
  • Processing of claims, complaints and suggestions.
  • Cookies: maintaining the login of the registered User, supplying statistics associated with the use of the Website, location of our offices and antispam systems (captcha).
  • Sending of communications and expressly requested information.
  • Realization of satisfaction surveys for the services received for the correct management of the quality processes and improvement of the same.
  • Use for statistical ends in order to analyze the behavior and tendencies of the Users and how to improve the services we provide them with.
  • To detect or investigate frauds, as well as other illegal activities, and potential breaches of our Privacy Policy, Legal Advice and/or Conditions of Use.

In any event, if the necessary data for these ends is not facilitated, the person in question will not be able to access our services.

Additional aims

  • Sending of commercial communications and invitations to events and activities, by postal and electronic means, related to the services and products commercialized in ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY’s sectors of activity: energy and climate change. The Responsible Body will make automatic assessments, obtain profiles and segmentation work, based on the available information, in order to personalize the handling of the User’s data, conforming with their characteristics or needs, thus being able to direct the most convenient commercial actions toward them.
  • The User will be able to reject this at any moment. The data for such ends will be stored indefinitely if there is no opposition to this.

Legitimacy and storage

  • The legal base for the processing of data corresponds to the consent given by the User when providing the data and his/her marking of the corresponding acceptance boxes, as well as the sending of the different forms, requests, questionnaires from different services, and subscriptions and registrations.
  • Legal compliance to the applicable legislative obligations for each case, citing among others the Capital Companies Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010, of 2 July, consumer regulations, the Information Services Companies Law, applicable regulations in the area of personal data protection, is hereby notified.
  • For the maintenance of relations established between users, customers and suppliers of ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY.
  • Legitimate interest for the defense of ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY against possible legal actions.
  • The fields marked with an asterisk (*) in forms included in the Website are considered to be obligatory fields, so that User requests can be attended to and the information he or she wishes to facilitate us can be assessed.
  • The time limits for storing the data:
  • Data will be stored with respect to the legal periods specified by mercantile and sectoral norms and in any case comply with the legal deadlines prescribed for the eventuality of possible legal actions.
  • Contact data will be stored while the relation with the User continues and its suppression is not requested.
  • Data associated with the interaction of the User in corporate profiles in social networks will be kept during the period provided for posts in the said network.
  • Data stored for commercial ends will be conserved indefinitely unless its suppression is requested.
  • Data in relation to the delivery of curricula and participation in the jobs marketplace will be kept for 2 years.
  • Investor and shareholder data will be kept as long as the User participates in the Forum.
  • In any event, data will be stored within the prescribed legal deadlines in case of possible legal actions.

Recipients of disposals and International Transfers

The following disposal of data is foreseen:

  • To Public Administration Bodies with competence in the area of communications and which provide information services, and Bodies with competence in the area of consumers in order to attend to possible claims by Users.
  • To attend to information requests of its services, ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY can direct these to the entities that form part of the ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY Group. You are informed that some of these entities are in countries whose data protection regulations do not guarantee the same level of protection as European legislation, and that your data could be the object of an International Transfer with the aim of being able to direct the requested communication to any of the companies of the Group.
  • The policy of selection for, and offering of, job vacancies is managed commonly by all the entities that form the ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY Group. The data registered in the section “Work with Us” may be communicated to Group Entities whose protection level is not up to European legislation. This might signify an International Transfer of data that you will be informed about and, where appropriate, explicit consent will be sought from you to effect it. You can consult the possible countries to which the data might be sent
  • Web analytics management: The Website uses Google Analytics provided by Google LLC. Interaction with Users for the use of this tool involves the International Transfer of data of an analytical and technical nature relative to the Website. The transfer is made under the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement. Information available at:

Rights of interested parties

The interested parties can exercise their rights to access, rectify, suppress, transfer, limit or oppose, by writing to ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY, S.L., Paseo de la Castellana, 91 4º – 1 – 28046 MADRID, or via email to: attaching a copy of a national identity card or other identifying document.

Interested parties have the right to withdraw the consent they have provided.

Interested parties have the right to complain to the Controlling Authority (the Spanish Data Protection Agency,

The User will be exclusively responsible for the veracity of the data facilitated to ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY.

ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY adopts measures of a technical and organizational nature to ensure security of the data of a personal nature contained in the same and to avoid its alteration, loss, non-authorized processing or access, taking into account the state of the technology, nature of the data and risks to those exposed.

Finally, the User can verify the presence of the SSL certificate, checking the properties of the Website in his or her browser, for which he or she should consult the features of the same in the Legal Note.

Any change made to the Privacy Policy or the practices of administering the information, will be reflected opportunely, with ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY allowed to add to, modify or eliminate said privacy policy as it deems necessary.

ISOBARS GLOBAL ENERGY will never modify policies or practices to make them less effective in protecting the previously stored personal data of our Users, without the prior consent of those affected.


Last update: 25 of  May 2018.